Our roadmap

Building financial tools is ambitious. We live what we preach; we're open and transparent about our goals and our journey.

April 2017 • sigmaCoin Experiment

We created a Markowitz diversified cryptocurrency experiment, which lead to epiphanies and research for Lake Project as it stands today.

November 2017 • Lake Portfolio Research

Through our sigmaCoin experiment we took some time to research how to best implement an adversarial and even possibly on-chain artificial intelligence to robustly diversify and rebalance into as many digital assets possible.

February 2018 • Lake Team

We grew a team of passionate hackers, designers, hustlers & researchers to build out Lake Project.

April 2018 • Research & Development

Since we are effectively working with user's money (in token form), we committed ourselves to get the architecture right; Scalable, maintainable and secure in every sense was the goal.

June 2018 • Internal API

The API, which started as the gateway for our open AI-driven digital portfolio, started being scaled in-house for the entire ecosystem, with the goal of providing a vast array of financial tools for the future in mind.

July 2018 • Creative Destruction Lab

We got accepted into the Blockchain + AI stream at CDL, an incubator and accelerator helping innovators transition from science projects to high-growth companies.CDL: Build something massive

October 2018 • The Lake Trade

The Lake Trade is made accessible to the public. We focused on the user experience first to deliver something much more useable in this space.

December 2018 • The Lake Portfolio

Alpha of The Lake Portfolio will be available to use and try out. This is the time we seek community feedback on our vision, approach and how to make this space more accessible for mass adoption.

2019 - Beyond • More financial services

While we're still building our roadmap, we'll keep you updated as more and more of our tools come online. Community feedback is always welcome and appreciated, say hi to us any time!Say hi and chat!

When we win, we win together. We value teamwork and cooperation, and recognize that we are part of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.